Generative Expand and HDR edited LrC images


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If I edit an image in Lrc and choose the HDR treatment and then use the Edit In option to open the image in Photoshop to use the Generative Expand option I can click on the Generative Expand option and a new layer is created but there is no dialog to tell Generative Expand what to generate. If I don't edit the image using HDR but create SDR images, Generative Expand works as expected.

If I run the same scenario and attempt to use Generative fill, that option is not selectable in PS.

If I can understand the HDR process, two images are created, one for HDR and another for SDR. These can be saved as a JPEG XL file to be viewed on an HDR monitor or SDR monitor.

It is not clear what is being sent to photoshop. But I can understand it might not be available for Generative fill if the HDR image alone is received. If that is the case, the same should be true for Generative Expand? So where is the bug? Should Generative Expand not be selectable in PS? Or should LrC send only an SDR image? Where is the Adobe message stating what is possible and what is not possible wrt PS and LrC?