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Force build video thumbnail previews

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New Member
Mar 2, 2020
Lightroom Version Number
Classic 9.2
Operating System
  1. macOS 10.15 Catalina
Hello all,
is there a way to force build all the video previews for a catalog without going scrubbing over every thumbnail?
Also, are the video thumbnail previews stored in the Previews.lrdata container?
I am asking because I have a separate catalog for video that I would like to copy from desktop to laptop so that I can be able to watch the thumbnail previews when disconnected from the original videos on the laptop. Is there a way to achieve that?
Welcome to Lightroom Forums,

Each catalog have its own set of independent previews. The naming scheme for the previews will always follow the catalog's name. The video's thumbnail can not be played as the full video as it is only the thumbnail of the image you selected from the video to be the thumbnail.

For updating all previews, you can always delete them and they will automatically rebuild themselves.
Thanks Denis for your reply. I think I have to better clarify my question: I have a catalog where I imported only videos. When I switch to the GRID view I can scrub over a thumbnail and after a few seconds of a spinning wheel gathering frames from the original video I can see a small preview of the video inside the thumbnail itself (scrubbing forward and reverse too).
If I move the mouse to another thumbnail, the spinning wheel process gathers the video frames from this other original video and makes the video preview available. Now, if I go back to the first video thumbnail, the video preview is already there: no need for the spinning wheel process to gather frames again.
These video "small previews" must be saved somewhere, since if I close and reopen the catalog there is no need for the spinning wheel to appear when I scrub over the thumbnail again.
My question is if there's a way in Lightroom (like the "Build Standard/1:1/Smart previews" for photos) to generate all the previews for videos too, instead of mouse hovering every video thumbnail to launch the spinning wheel.
And also, how to find where the small video previews are stored.
I just did a quick check of some of the videos imported into my catalog and every one that I looked at in the Grid had the hover scrub effect with no delay as described.

This may be the case since my default setting for import is. build 1:1 previews. I have often wondered exactly what that did and perhaps it is build those quick scrub views for the video files.

I am with Denis on this and hope someone else has a more complete answer.

If this may help, even if my 1:1 Previews are set to be removed after 30 days, "quick scrub views" are still fast on very old videos.

Bottleneck on his system? Although, he is running Catalina (but how fast?).
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