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Folder numbers dont match


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Jun 10, 2018
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Dear Lightroom user forum
I hope someone can solve the issue shown and described below. In my 'folders' view the numbers of photos dont match, and when I go into my files in explorer, I cant see the 'missing ' photos. My documents E: shows 26352 photos. In this there is a folder- family my pictures, with 26348 photos but it contains a sub folder 23913 photos. Where are the approx 2500 photos that arent in the sub folders?
See the screen captures below
First is lightroom showing folder display and seconf is the same location in explorer!
Thank for your assistance in advance

Niall (dairtreephoto)


Mar 21, 2015
Dublin, Ireland.
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There are 3 main reasons file counts do not tally.

1. Show Photos in Sub Folders.

There are times you want to know all the files in all underlying subfolders and times you do not. Make sure the setting is such that you only see the count of the files in the folder and sub folders are excluded.


2. You have images in the folder, but they are not imported into Lightroom. This can happen for lots of reasons, are all valid and often a feature of your own workflow.

Right click on the folder and select Synch Folder.

3. There are hidden files in the folder (O/S setting) , or files which will not import to Lightroom, eg Pdf's, Word documents, etc...

Sometime I will want to keep documentation in the same folder system as the project images. I will create a sub folder, underneath the project folder, with a title such as "Documentation" or similar and put my word files, pdfs autocad drawings, powerpoints, etc... This keeps these files outside of image folders, plus it is easier to find them.
Jul 2, 2015
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H'm, this is interesting, because none of the above answers can be correct. You do have 'Show Photos in Subfolders' checked, otherwise the E folder would not show any photo count and the Creative Cloud files folder would also not show a count (because all four pictures are in a subfolder). And pictures that are not imported in Lightroom will not count in one folder (Family My Pictures) but not in another (its subfolders).

I think the answer may be in the two 'devices' you see below. 'Samsung SM-G950F' is not a separate hard disk, but a special ".lrdata" folder, that is used for downloading pictures synced down from this device (a phone, I assume). The same applies to 'HOMEMAINPC'. That too seems to be a synced device, not a hard disk. The location of these two ".lrdata" folders is probably inside the 'Family My Pictures' folder and so their contents is counted in that parent folder (because they are indeed subfolders, but are not shown in Lightroom as such).

By the way: I'm also a bit puzzled about your second screenshot. That does not seem to correspond with what you see in Lightroom. That screenshot shows the three folders as being in the 'Pictures' folder on the E drive. But Lightroom says these folders are in a 'Family My Pictures' parent folder on that same drive. It could mean these are actually duplicate folders (and not in Lightroom).