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Oct 11, 2020
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Hi, the various tutorials on The Lightroom Queen site (such as Lightroom cloud ecosystem, vs. Lightroom Classic) have been fantastic, but alas indicate how deep in the hole I am.
I have Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom classic installed as part of the Adobe 1Tb plan. I seem to have loaded my original photo into Lightroom, where they exist on my hardrive AND are backed up in the Adobe cloud. 'Synch' seems to be runinng everywhere (so i can see my files on multiple computers) and i have a growing 85 Gb Mobile downloads.lrlibrary file on my hardrive.
I would like to keep backing up files to the Adobe site and retain access on multiple computers, BUT transfer all of my relevant files to an external drive (and use this to access various computers) AND make Lightroom Classic the main access point linking to the original photos. the hope that I can then keep track of where the originals actually are. ensure they are backed up etc.
Again, tutorials such as "How do I move my photos to another hardrive . . . " and "How do i find and move or rename my catalog" are very useful but I am confused as to the best way to sequence these activities.
Would it be best to just start from scratch? Export all my photos, uninstall then reinstall Lightroom Classic (setting up catalogs and original data files on to the external drive? then reinstall Lightroom and then Photoshop? Or can I use the existing Classic 'links' or the Lightroom files to transfer the originals to Classic.
Also from a work point of view is it best to first access Lightroom Classic, and the access Lightroom or Photoshop from within Classic to make any edits, saving the changes within Classic? S Or do I try and move everything to the external HD first, then deal with making Classic the primary program?
Synching the three programs seems to generate unecssary replication on my computer.

thanks so much for any assistance, apologies if the answer is already in a tutorial somewhere and I couldn't find it