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Fixed view for PDF books created by LRC

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Aug 12, 2011
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LRC 12.2.1
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  1. macOS 12 Monterey
I produce quite a few PDF books every year using LRC's book module for friends and family. Is there any way in which I can force the resulting PDF to open only in a specific view? The problem is that my PDF books have lots of two-page spreads and most people do not know how to set Adobe (or whatever other PDF reader they are using) up in such a way that they get displayed properly. I would therefore love to be able to the PDFs up in such a way that they only open up in two-page view. Is this possible at all?
Not via LR itself. You can do it, but you need something like Adobe Acrobat which lets you open the PDF and set the File Properties. I don't know if Preview will do it, but essentially you need to look in that direction.
OK, open the PDF and then go into File Properties.


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Thanks John, this will work for when I open it using Acrobat, but will it also work for someone else?
Thanks John, this will work for when I open it using Acrobat, but will it also work for someone else?
That setting is best thought of as a recommendation. Adobe software will respect it if no override is configured: in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, Default View must be Automatic in the Page Display preferences. Other PDF software might ignore it completely.
Mmm, I guess that is the best one can hope for then. Given the variety of displays in use this is to be expected. Thanks for all your help.
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