Finding images containing only given keyword(s)

Nov 1, 2007
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The goal here is to find images/photos containing given keywords but no others! Only those you want.

I tested first and what confused me was that I saw more than wanted but at least, only the ones containing a given keyword were selected. Easy then to send them to the Quick Collection. So I added that step #1 and #1' below.

When it is written Ctrl-Cmd just use Ctrl for Windows operating systems and Cmd for Mac OS systems.

How To:
  1. Empty the Quick Collection
  2. Under the Catalogue list left pane in Library, select "All Photos"
  3. In the Library's filters, select Metadata
  4. In the Keywords column, click the first keyword, go down to the last keyword and Shift-Click to select them ALL. Do not just click the first entry saying "All Keywords"!
  5. In same column, deselect the wanted/target keyword(s) with Ctrl-Cmd-click
  6. Select all photos with Ctrl-Cmd-A
  7. Always in same filters column click the wanted/target keywords
  8. In menu, just select "Invert Selection!
  9. Press B to send the selected ones to the Quick Collection
  10. Under the Catalogue list left pane in Library, select "Quick Collection"

Not elegant method but it works! :D

Note that you can also use the same method to find "Contain only those keywords" by selecting more than one in steps 5 and 7 but choose the same in both steps.