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Find Photos by Comparing Metadata Fields

Mar 29, 2015
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Lightroom Version
LR Classic 9.4
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  1. Windows 10
Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

Somehow, I've lost some collections I used to make Web pages. I have keywords that would allow me to partially find them but those that full qualify are those where the TITLE is different than the CAPTION. When I initially load photos, I assign the same text to TITLE and CAPTION. When I can identify what is in the picture, I updated the TITLE with a proper name.

So, what I'm looking for is to create a Smart Collection with:
  • KEYWORD contains "XXX"
  • TITLE 'is not equal to' CAPTION
Any ideas? Thanks
Oct 8, 2007
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Power User
If you use my Search + Replace plugin, its workflow filters command makes the title and caption available in the Library Filter. You could then put title* and caption* as columns and scan downward looking for differences in the counts.