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face recognition in LR classic


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Aug 25, 2019
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Windows 10
I'm new to using face recognition in LR. When I go to people view and start searching all faces, I am clicking on the correct ones, but I have a question about the unnamed people. Should I click the X on all of the incorrect ones, or should I leave them alone. Also, does LR pull up all of these again the next time I want to search? I want it to only search on the new pictures I import, not the same ones that were already searched.

Jan 18, 2009
Fort Myers, FL
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Lightroom identifies the face region only once. When you have an unconfirmed entry that shows a tentative name (ending in ?) you can do one of Several things:

- Click the check mark to accept/confirm
- Type a new name in the box which accepts it
- Click the "no" symbol (line/circle) to remove the tentative name
- Leave it alone

The first two move to confirmed and it's just done.

The second two leave it unconfirmed (either with the guess there or not) and it will still be unconfirmed if you come back to it.

The other thing you can do is right click and "Remove face region". This removes the guess entirely, and it will not find that face again (unless you use the special option to find again, but that's a whole different story).

My normal process is to do a folder at a time, go through and pick up the right guesses, then start coding the ones it guessed wrong with the right names. Finally if there are people I want to look up or ask about I use the circle/line to remove the bad guess, but leave it present. Any others, that I do not want in my list, I select all and right click, remove face region so they don't keep showing up.

I personally leave the mass, search everything turned off, and explicitly go in one folder at a time, because I have a lot of shots at events (e.g. think baseball or basketball) with hundreds of people in the audience. I really don't want those shots processed at all, only family gatherings, which are (almost) always in their own folders in a separate inport.