External hard drive not ejecting

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Dec 6, 2015
Lightroom Experience
I am using Lightroom 6 or CC and have a Firewire external hard drive with my photos and catalogues on it. My computer is an iMac 27 running El Capitan. When I quite Lightroom and then try to eject/unmount the external hard drive the system is unable to eject it and says that some program is using Lightroom so it can't be ejected.
So: you quit Lr. Then when you try to unmount the external you get a message that Lr is using it? Take a look in Activity Monitor (in your utilities folder) and see if Lr is in fact still running.

I'd just restart. Might be something associated with Lr running that didn't quit, but a restart should solve that.

There's also a program called Sloth that can show all open files and the processes associated with them (lsof basically); that might help you track it down if the problem recurs.
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