export to iPhoto duplicates dummies


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Feb 25, 2015
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LR5.0 did a great job to touch RAW photos. Now I export them to new directory (2014_08_30 in this example) as jpeg format.
iPhoto imports those jpeg photos from that directory. Now I'm seeing weird dummy photos are also imported (see attachment). Basically, it generated another Events with weird name "d312a08daf7d4218a..." and duplicates jpeg photos 3 times with much low resolution. [Original photos are 11 (10MB each) -> this dummy event has 33 photos of a few hundred KB each]

When I import RAW files into iPhoto, it works as intended. So I assume LR generated some multiple photos during export to jpeg, although the directory only holds 11 jpeg photos.

Do I have something wrong in LR setting for export?


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