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Feb 14, 2016
Hi, I have been looking at Jeffrey's Export to Flickr plugin. I have approx 20000 pictures at Flickr, but I would like to manage syncing/publishing and local copies using LR.

However, for some reason I cant get the plugin to recognize all uploaded photos and match them with the local originals.

If I can manage to match flickr unique photo ID with local files, is there any way to "cheat" - using SQL/sqllite statements or the LR API - and match these photos so that will be registered as published and not need re-publish/re-upload?
Have you gone through the instructions on Jeffery's Flicker Plugin page for how to associate previously uploaded pictures? If not I suggest that you start there. If so and are experience problems I recommend that you put a comment on his Flickr plugin page and ask your questions there. He seems pretty prompt at replying to questions posted there.

I did follow the instructions, but ended up with only 20% of the pictures or so recognized (strange, because they should be identical wrt to exif data, date/size, everything). I did post, but never got any response (which is fair enough, given that he is freely contributing a lot to the LR community and has limited time for support questions)
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