Export jpg for using in a Photodex Slideshow and avoiding style posterization

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Dec 9, 2008
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I experienced in the past few days that the width resize of a 75 level jpg exported for use in a mpg slideshow can result in posterization within the styles layers provided by the Photodex Producer software.
The file uploaded to the Photodex problem report section and they couldn't see the obvious banding on a blurred image.
The actual image was fine. It was the duplicated image used as a blurred background layer. The actual image zooms and tilts over this background layer which is partially masked. Blurring that layer did not solve the solution. I upped the blur to 85% didn't try 100% blur for that amt of blur was too much.
I have been using 2880 wide and tried slightly lesser widths recently but that was the wrong thinking. I did a test with no resizing of the exported image and that style with the blurred background layer had no arc of bands displaying.
When its no resize the images are very large which creates a huge compiling for a 28 min, presentation so I have a trade off with 3456 wide
AND I stopped using the mogrify resize plug in and just used the lightroom width resize.

Screenshot taken of the lesser width with VLan video player on the lesser resolution laptop- and I drew the arrows to direct their eye since they reported they couldn't see it <grin> but I could see this on the large desktop monitor also.
Redoing the mpg for an hour of rendering time with the 3456 wide images has removed these bands in an arc form in the background. The resolution was increased to the numbers I usually used instead of matching the latop to the projector. It turns out the Epson projector can interpret the embedded info even though the laptop monitor has a lesser maximum but a 60 refresh

Sort of an illustration of expecting harmony between software ...


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