Export and Re-import / replace photos

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Aug 22, 2009
Loire Valley, France

I need to send a batch of images to my assistant for editing. I will then want to re-import and replace the edited files. Is this possible? Thank you

Lightroom 3.
Use the "Export as a Catalog" option, and check the box labeled "Export Negative Files". This will create a package of catalog and copies of original masters. Your assistant can open the Exported catalog package on their computer, make changes, and return the catalog package to you. You then only need to reimport the Catalog package into your master catalog to incorporate the changes from your assistant.
Yes. But how did you imagine they would edit the photos if not with LR?


A little program called Adobe Photoshop. It's kind of popular. ;-)

This is what I need to do. I have a large number of images that will need retouching - spotting, backgrounds masked, etc. I'm going to be getting freelance assistance for that work. I have everything key-worded, etc. so it would be great if I could export images, upload them online in a private area, have someone download & work on them, then I'll download their finished work and re-import to Lightroom.

I suppose I can just create a collection, export it then import the retouched images and delete the old. Just thought there might be a more sophisticated workflow.

Thank you for your thoughts.
The difference between LR and PS is that PS will destructively edit the image while LR will leave the Original unchanged. I don't think you want to destroy the master using Photoshop. In that case, what you will need to do is create a derivative much as you would do if you were using {Edit-In} in LR. To accomplish this, you can implement a regular Export. In the "Export Location" section of the Export dialog, Check the box labeled "Add to this Catalog". Once Exported, transfer the derivative image files from the Export Location designated in the Export dialog to the assistant's computer. When the assistant is finished, transfer these edited files back to the location designated in the Export dialog and LR will find them where you created and cataloged them (As long as there have been no name changes).

Lightroom will maintain previews from the original export and will not immediately reflect the changes in the previews until you force LR to refresh its Preview cache.
Thank you for this answer. That will be very helpful

Photoshop doesn't "destroy" the original. Yes, you have to open the image as a psd or tiff file. Using layers, you can edit to your heart's content.

I generally prefer working in Photoshop. I'm not just doing a bit of burning and dodging and spotting. This is for major layer and masking work. I do most of my editing in Photoshop - so I have both .dng and psd files for many of my images.
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