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Epson Advance B&W

Mar 14, 2020
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ver 10.3
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
Epson's Advanced B & W settings panel contains a number of additional settings such as: Brightness, Contrast, Shadow Tonality, Highlight Tonality, Max optical Density and Highlight Point Shift. I have typically do not use any of these settings, but out of curiosity,I've played with them somewhat in hopes of gaining some understanding of how they affect a B&W print.
I have not been able to find mention of there functions in any of Jeff Schewe's books, nor on line.

just wondering if anyone has more extensive experience with these additional controls affecting B&W printing.


Nov 30, 2012
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Epson Advanced Black & White Photo mode is not typically covered in books that talk about standard color-managed workflows (such as Jeff Schewe’s excellent books), because it is an odd, proprietary and non-standard, yet effective enough form of printer-managed color.

One of the best online sources of technical information about Advanced B&W Photo mode is the Epson 3800: Printer Notes and Resources page by Eric Chan. Don’t be put off by the 2011 date of the site or old 3800 printer model number; the fundamental info is sound, and much of it still applies to current models. He offers better than average coverage of what Epson Advanced B&W does, and how it differs from a standard color-managed printing.

You might want to start with his Epson 3800: Step-By-Step Printing Workflow; the section How to print B&W images with the ABW driver (without ABW profiles) may answer some of your questions about what the controls do, but still might not be detailed enough.

You can also read the Advanced B&W Photo (ABW) sections of the FAQ; such as:

Because Advanced B&W Photo does not work with standard ICC profiles for things like soft-proofing, he started building his own profiles for ABW, with specific instructions. The pages about those profiles have some technical background info on how Advanced B&W works. For example:
Gray Curves for the Epson Advanced B&W Photo Driver

If you didn’t already recognize the name Eric Chan, what he did in the years after creating that web site will be of great interest to anyone on this forum. Eric eventually got hired by Adobe, where he is now one of the most important programmers helping build and continually upgrade the raw processing engine used in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom.