Entering "date/time of original" in the EXIF data block of scanned TIFFs

Nov 1, 2007
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Tip submitted by: Edwin aka ehch

TIF files from scanners often do not have IPTC or EXIF data.
A manual setting of the "date/time of original" in the EXIF datablock is not possible in LR (at least I don't know how to).

There is a way around this:
When importing the TIF files into LR you can enter metadata (e.g. the date/time shot) using a "preset". (Information to apply -> Metadata). However this covers only IPTC data, not EXIF data; And the "date/time of original" in the EXIF datablock is NOT set by LR.

You can get the EXIF date set in the Library panel via Metadata -> Edit Capture Time. Use "Shift by set number of hours" = ' hours — and hey presto the EXIF date time is set equal to the one in the IPTC block.
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