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Develop module Enlarge Develop Sliders

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Jan 4, 2012
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  1. Windows 10
I'm wanting to enlarge the develop sliders, say exposure for example, but any slider, so that I have greater control over the adjustment whle dragging the slider.
I've seen it in videos but can't find how to do it in my copy of Missing FAQ 3RD EDITION.
See below screen shot from a video
Thank you
Screenshot 2023-01-23 131217.png
That's something done by the video editing software rather than by Lightroom, sorry!
Holding down the shift key while you're moving the slider will give you more control, though.
There are various zoom options under "Ease of Access" on Win 10, but I do feel your pain. I find the sliders keep getting even smaller as I get older, :confused:.
On my Mac the following MINIMUM changes occur using the Exposure slider as an example when using the following methods

Mouse. .05

Clicking word Exposure and using + - keys
No modifier .10
Shift modifier .33
Option modifier .02
If you just want to nudge a slider a bit, click on the slider name to select it, or click on the numeric value box for that slider. Then you can use the + and - keys to nudge the slider a bit either way. If that is not granular enough for you, type a new number in the numeric value box. For example, if the exposure is at 0.30 and you want it just a hair brighter, type in 0.31.
For many years I've used the other keyboard method, where you click a value field and press the up arrow or down arrow key for small increments, adding Shift for larger increments.

To sum up the differences between the two:

If you want to nudge a value using the -/+ keys, click an option’s text label, like the word Exposure. When you use this method you can “walk” up and down Basic panel options using the < and > keys. You can use this method to edit Basic options in full screen mode (no panels visible).

If you want to nudge a value using the up arrow/down arrow keys, click to activate the option's value field, so that the number is selected or there’s a flashing text cursor in the field.

Adding the Shift key amplifies the change in both methods.
Thank you everyone for responding to this post :)
I'm using Win 10 so will look at the ease of access options
I have noticed previously the ability to use the +/- keys, really hoping to "zoom" the sliders
I feel your pain. It is not a problem on my desktop because I have a big pro 4K IPS screen and a gaming mouse that is very precise. But on my Dell XPS 15 on the road, those slider movements are a problem.

I hold shift while mousing the slider and it slows it way down. Or highlight the slider and use the plus and minus keys to move the slider in very small increments. I'm sure a guru probably told you that already because it is one of the first tricks one learns in LR. LR is slider based, so that tip is essential for all of us old guys. LOL.
In Windows-11 (should be similar in W-10) look under accessibility/Magnifier.
When the Magnifier is toggled on, the keyboard command [Windows+ (+) ] enlarges the screen (about the cursor location), and [Windows+Esc] close the magnifier. (Annoying keyboard shortcuts!!)
2023-01-28 04_44_45-Settings.jpg

2023-01-28 04_45_31-Settings.jpg
In Windows-11 (should be similar in W-10) look under accessibility/Magnifier.
When the Magnifier is toggled on, the keyboard command [Windows+ (+) ] enlarges the screen (about the cursor location), and [Windows+Esc] close the magnifier. (Annoying keyboard shortcuts!!)
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View attachment 20254
Thanks Rob
I had a play with this yesterday, while it doesnt appear to be as well implemented as Apple, it will work.
Getting the magnification level right so that enough of the slider is visible without losing too much image quality is a challenge.
I settled on 140%
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