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Library module Enhanced-DNG

Colin Grant

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Apr 18, 2016
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  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
When LrC creates a dng following using Denoise and Enhance it does so with all the past edits still available (which is great). However when I press the backslash key it does not revert to the original pre-edit image. I am sure it did in the past, otherwise what is the point in retaining the edits?

Any views out there in Lightroom land?
I tested LR 13.3.1, 13.0, and 12.3 (when Denoise was introduced), and they all behave the same: Before invoked on a denoised DNG shows the image at the point it was generated by Denoise and imported into the catalog.

That behavior is consistent with the general behavior of Before -- it shows the state of the photo immediately after importing. But "consistency" doesn't imply usefulness -- I can see how it would be useful to have Before show the original photo (before Denoise).
Thanks John. So what is the point of carrying across the edits? Why not just generate a dng with all sliders reset? What I have noticed is when pressing backslash for first time the image does revert to its "before" state momentarily. After that backslash has no effect,
So what is the point of carrying across the edits?
I can recall a number of times where after the initial edits to a medium-ISO photo, I've decided the noise is too noticeable (e.g. in a heavily edited sky), so I decide to run Denoise at that point. In that instance, it's convenient that the edits carry across.
I cannot get my head around how they carry across if the "before" image is not there or is it there but just not available to view? Seems a very odd implementation to me. Still, it is what it is :)
I believe Adobe recommends doing Denoise first before other edits. This preserves the "Before" state. However, more often than not I am well into editing before I decide the DeNoise might be useful. I am happy that LrC does carry forward my original edits. If you want the denoise back to original, you can reset the original RAW file and repeat the DeNoise on the unedited original.
cannot get my head around how they carry across if the "before" image is not there or is it there but just not available to view?
Denoise is always applied to the original image. When editing a denoised DNG, you can view the original image by doing Reset and then Undo to restore the current settings.