Edit in Photoshop, LR file on NAS, LR confused by location on return from PS.

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Mar 3, 2015
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Okay, the title says a lot. My workflow is that my current year photos live on my internal drive along with my LR catalog. Previous years live on a network storage device and I have smart previews for almost all the the network files so I don't have the NAS on unless I'm editing. MacOS Big Sur, current version. Current LR and PS too. Just double checked. If I edit, in LR, a local file, then use "Edit in Photoshop" and edit and save, it shows up in the same folder with the original in Lightroom and on the internal disk. If I do the same thing with a network drive file (NAS is on for this because it has to be) then when I save, it physically writes the PSD file in the correct folder on the NAS, but shows the file in the LR library on my internal drive with the ? saying it can't find the file. So I have to use the locate file, which works. Then I also need to click the metadata sync button and have it read from disk.

So basically, something is wonky in the return trip to LR from Photoshop. I did some searching and didn't see any similar reports. Any one else see this? If it is known to Adobe I'll be patient. Otherwise I'll report it.
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