Dual processor support

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Jul 23, 2010
Gent, Belgium

does anyone know if LR 3 supports dual processors and if so, what the better choice would be w.r.t. file processing...

a MacPro with 1 quad core 3.2 GHZ processor with 16 GB ram
or a MacPro with 2 quad core 2.4 GHZ processors with 8 GB ram

Price on both machines is the same...

Yep, LR makes excellent use of multi-core systems. See this screenshot from a recent thread, this was just while I was scrolling through large images in Develop:


I have previously obtained similar 'all cores busy' profiles during other CPU-intensive tasks such as Export, and I've just taken this screenshot whilst rendering some 1:1 previews:


Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which of your two Mac options would be faster....maybe Victoria or one of the other Mac 'gurus' would know.
That is a hard one to help with.
My 8 core Pro spanks all of the cores the same, as does most applications.

What are the models of the CPU, and the details like the cache amounts?
The 6-core is best bang for buck, and don't buy the extra ram from Apple. You'd be far better shipping it in from OWC.
I suspect it depends on what activities you want to optimize for. Faster cores will be faster when working on a single photo in Develop. Twice as many cores will be a big help for things like preview rendering, multiple-file export, and the like. (That's assuming no other bottlenecks in the system, so the difference is all about CPU.)
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