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Sync Downloading photos from LR mobile to LR Classic CC

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Wendy Whyte

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Aug 24, 2017
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Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ]
License: Creative Cloud
Operating system: Windows 7 - Business Edition
Version: 6.1.7601

I have photos on my iPad that I want to transfer to my windows PC. I know I can use LR mobile to sync the photos from the iPad to my PC but I want them permanently on my PC and to then delete them from my iPad, possibly syncing them back to the iPad at a later stage. Is it possible or do I settle for copying them from my iPad to a USB drive and then import them into LR on my PC?
Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
If you add the photos into the Lightroom app on your iPad, they will sync to the cloud. If you then have your LR Classic catalog enabled for syncing, any photos in the cloud will download into Classic in full original format. One you have them safely on your desktop in the Classic catalog (and subsequently backed up of course) you can simply remove them from the All Synced Photographs collection in Classic. This retains the images in your Classic catalog, but removes them from the cloud, and thus from the Lightroom app on your iPad. You can later sync them back to the cloud, but if doing it from Classic only Smart Previews will be uploaded, not the full originals (which many prefer).
Many thanks Jim, this sounds like just what I'm looking for.
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