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Doing 1st RAW edits in Photoshop CC 2019, in ACR, then getting edits in form of sidecar file back for use in Lightroom - any thoughts?

Myron Kuziak

New Member
Oct 28, 2017
Lightroom Experience
Lightroom Version
Classic 7
Lightroom Version
Classic 8.2 Release (ACR 11.2) build 1204643
Operating System
Windows 10
This may be peculiar and unnecessary, but I want to try doing my first non-destructive edits of some RAW files (that have not been imported into Lightroom) in Photoshop CC 2019 using ACR. In my case, this means using a separate computer from the one I use for Lightroom post-processing.

How do I ensure that a sidecar file is created by ACR, finding it, then importing or copying the RAW image and the sidecar file with the edit metadata into a Lightroom-recognized folder on my Lightroom post-processing computer for further edits? I think It would be wise to start that process from Bridge, to make it easier. I do not know where to set up preferences to use a sidecar file for storing the edits. Photoshop does not appear to allow that.

Does anyone have any helpful thoughts on this process?

Ed Anderson

Aug 7, 2018
Lightroom Experience
Lightroom Version
Classic 8
In Adobe Bridge, choose Edit > Camera Raw Preferences OR in Photoshop, choose Edit > Preferences > Camera Raw. Under the menu that pops up in General tab / Save Image Setting option, set it to Sidecar "XMP" Files. You can set this in either program.

The xmp files will save in the same folder as the camera raw file, with the same base name and an .xmp extension.

You can start with either program, though Bridge makes more sense to me. Especially if you're going to assign keywords or star ratings which will also transfer with files.

Screen shots are from a Mac. Just use the steps above to access the menus for Windows.
Bridge Pref Menu.png
PS Pref Menu.png
Camera Raw Pref Screen.png