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Does Classic Know Which Photos Were Previously Imported From LR CC?

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Oct 2, 2019
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
Let's say you are traveling and take 25 photos (just for example, there will be more of course). And you 'import" 10 of them onto your iPad or MacBook Pro via Lightroom CC at the hotel. They sync to the cloud, then download to Lightroom Classic (home based).

Now, you get home and want to "import" the remaining 15 photos into Lightroom Classic. When you put the SD card in that has the 25 original photos on it, will Classic know which ones (the 10 in this example), were already imported from LR CC remotely and thus only ask to import the remaining 15?
It should, but AFAIK it does not (unless this has been fixed already).
Seems to work correctly now. I just ran a test importing 4 out of 10 images onto my iPhone, started LR on the phone and waited for those 4 images to be added to LR, then synced to the cloud and then down into Classic. Once that had been done I presented the same card to import into Classic and the 4 already-imported images were correctly greyed out in the Import dialog (as long as "Don't Import Selected Duplicates" is checked).
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