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.DNG files

Tim Ryland

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Jun 6, 2020
Worcester, U.K.
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Lightroom Mobile v9.0
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  1. iOS
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On my Pixel 6a phone, if I take a photo I get a photo.jpg and a photo.dng file. I can see both of these in Google Photos. However, if I try to import the .dng file into Lightroom Mobile, when I look at the info, the file is now called photo_dng.jpg, therefore it’s a jpeg file. How can I get just the .dng file into Lightroom.
How are you getting the photo to Lightroom Tim? I've seen something similar on iOS, where importing from within LR gets the raw file but sharing the photo to LR from elsewhere sends a jpg. Could that be it?
I‘ve tried importing it from Lightroom and sharing it from Google Photos and iPad Files. It doesn’t seem to make any difference, I still end up with “photo_dng.jpg”. There seems to be no way to get the .dng file into Lightroom.

When you add photos inside LrM. Are you adding via the gallery or via the file manager? I have found previously that the gallery only exposes the jpeg images. It does not expose the DNG files.

When I import into LrM, I use the buttons in the bottom right corner, selecting the “Files” option.
Hmmmm, must be something specific to Google Photos then. What happens if you try to download the file into Photos app on iOS or local storage on Android? What file format gets downloaded into those apps?

I tried that. I copied a .dng file from Google Photos into the ios file system. It retained it’s .dng format. When I import it into Lightroom it becomes a _dng.jpg file, no matter if I import from Lightroom or share via a share sheet.
@Tim Ryland @Victoria Bampton

Let's try something else. Tim, can you log into the forum on your phone and attach both the jpg and DNG file to a post here? If too large, can you upload it somewhere we can download it.
Victoria, I no longer have the file splitting tools installed. Can one of your contacts, if you do not have the tools, open the DNG file and see what sort of image data is present? And can you also attempt to load the images via your iPhone (I am 99% sure you have one).

I will attempt to load both versions via my Android phone and via LrD and see if there is a difference.

Right I think I’ve narrowed it down to a problem with Google Photos. I noticed that the .dng file that was saved from Google Photos was only 2.7mb, whereas the .jpg was 3.7mb. When I looked at the info for the .dng file on Google Photos, it showed a file size of 12.7mb which seemed more normal. Out of interest, I copied the file from the SD card on my phone, this showed the same 12.7mb size and this imported into Lightroom with no problems. Lightroom showing it as a .dng file. So it seems itks the way Google Photos stores the .dng file even though I specified ‘original quality’ in the settings. I will invest a bit more.
Narrowed it down further to just the ios app. If I use the web version google.photos.com, I can download the proper .dng file. At least I’ve got a way to work on my .dng files in Lightroom now.

Which iOS app? Just to be specific.