Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

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Nov 12, 2010
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I am a LR CC (monthly subscription) user and I am having major problems with the Develop sliders become unresponsive after about 10mins of use. I am working on an imac running Yosemite. Also if I switch the program off and on again it doesnt seem to have saved adjustments I made when it was last open - just going round in circles! - It is not a very big catalogue - approx 1500 RAW images. Can anyone help please?

Have you updated to version 2015.6.1? There were some performance fixes in that version, IIRC.
What are your system specs? How much RAM do you have?
Yes - it is the latest version 2015.6.1 Raw 9.6
I have 12GB Ram - my main harddrive is quite full, The images and LR Catalogue are on an extrenal drive connected via thunderbolt connection.
Also I am still using Yosemite - could that be the problem - although it is inconsisitent - sometimes works fine but other times LR is at best very slow and at worst develop sliders dont react at all - (not the whole program unresponsive though) Thanks
Yosemite shouldn't be a problem. It's maybe lack of temporary workspace on the internal drive, so it might be worth trying to free up some extra space on the drive if possible. Curious though that it only seems to be develop sliders that are the problem.....when you encounter the problem again, check your RAM usage. If it's maxed out then the system will need to use the internal hard drive, which will put more strain on the internal drive space.
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