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Develop module defaulting to 2003 process version if import after processing with DxO PureRaw


Apr 4, 2018
Birmingham UK
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  1. Windows 10
For some time I have been processing my CR2&CR3 files in DxO PureRaw DeepPRIME XD before importing into Lightroom.

After applying the latest DxO update, I now find when I import photos into LR after processing in DxO that the develop mode defaults to 2003 version rather than 2012 (current) which is the version I am familiar with and have always used.

I know I can individually change the setting back to 2012(current) via Settings / Process but it is inconvenient having to do this before processing each photo as I normally do.

I also tried selecting "Update to current process (2012)" to see if this would change the settings for a batch of pictures but found I still needed to change the setting individually for each photo (which is a pain !)

Has anyone else experienced this ? And can anyone advise a way I can avoid this happening ?

Many thanks

It should be possible to update to current process version in batch. While in the Develop module, make sure you have toggled the little switch on the left of the 'Synchronize' button, so it becomes 'Auto Sync'. For future images you could try saving a preset that only updates the process version, and apply that preset on import.
Thank you for that Johan - I hadn't realised that "process version" was within the options I could synchronise.

And yes it worked fine - so at least I won't now have to make the change individually on each picture as I had feared.

Strange though that this issue should start after an update on DxO - I will check if they have a forum where I could raise the issue with their experts.

P.S. Neither was I aware of that toggle button - I will have to read up more in Victoria's book.

Regards Mike