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Deleting Photos via Collection

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Sep 3, 2017
So California
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Classic 9.3
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Have tried searching here and in Victoria's Missing FAQ to no avail. Looking for a tip on the steps you use to destructively delete one or more photos you run across via a Collection (from both the Lightroom catalog and the disk -- not just the smart or dumb collection view itself.)

My issue:
I'm always in clean-up mode while working through my catalog. I occasionally find one or more photos I want to completely delete from both my catalog and hard disk while working with a Collection. To perhaps protect users from themselves, Lightroom does not allow you to physically delete one or more items when you access them via a Collection, and instead provides a pop-up effectively saying you must return to folder view when you try.​
If I have just one photo, I use Lightroom's method for a selected item to "Go to Folder in Library", delete from there, then return to what I was doing via the Collection once again. OTOH if I'm in a Collection and have more than 1 item I want to eliminate, I have to make a manual list or put each item into a quick collection, then one-by-one go back to folder view to delete them, before returning to Collection view to continue whatever I was working on. It's a bit annoying all the steps I'm going through. There's got to be something I'm missing, or a trick you power users are using to get around this design point of not allowing direct deletion of media from the catalog and disk itself from within a Collection.​

Thanks in advance for the tips.
What's even more irritating is when I want to delete a virtual copy that I created in the collection just to try out something and then decide to remove it. Anyway, you could set the "rejected" flag, filter them out whle you're working. Then eventually delete a whole lot at a time.
There is a key shortcut combination that will delete images from the catalog and your disk without any warning, no matter where you are. Use it with caution and don't blame me if you lose images because of it: Cmd-Option-Shift-Backspace.
Have tried searching here and in Victoria's Missing FAQ to no avail
Answered on page 102 of your Classic book (the shortcut Johan correctly mentions is there)
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