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Deleting a photo - works for 1 but then goes into a loop, requires cancelling and restarting.

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Jun 3, 2008
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Lightroom Classic version: 9.0 [ 201910151439-b660523e ]
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  1. Windows 7
Selecting a number of photos [all in the same folder] and 'X ing each one' - then asking for all them to be deleted - deletes them all then loops.

Windows 7 64bit - was using LR4.4 - but did nothing much for 3 years. Updated last week to Classic about 5 days ago, For the first 3 days - I got random loclups 1 or 2 times a day, but was able to delete files. Everything else I tried seems to work fine.

About 8700 photos all on the local drive.
That's a weird one Bob! Are you in Grid view or Loupe or Develop when you're trying to do this? And how are you Xing them (e.g. keyboard, clicking somewhere, etc.)?
1. Grid view - 2 photos display - press delete key on one - select delete&remove - it gets deleted - several seconds later - hour glass displays and lightroom is hung

2. same as above - but select 3 - all 3 get deleted and then hangs

3. same again - but this time press X on 3 of them - then Photo - delete rejected [Delete from disk] - deletes and hangs

4. same as 3 - but after X'ing three - move to an upper folder and then delete rejected - deletes and then gives error message -- "An internal error has occured - 7:0 attempt to index an null value - deletes but does not hang
Bingo. That last error is probably key. Firstly, which plug-ins are listed in your Plug-in Manager? Particularly LogiOptions is often a problem that triggers that error. And if that's not it, are any of the images showing no metadata on the grid thumbnail?
I know nothing about plugins - so bear with me. I do have LogiOptions. If I dsable it - delete works - what does that plugin do?
I know nothing about plugins - so bear with me. I do have LogiOptions. If I dsable it - delete works - what does that plugin do?
Not a lot, as far as we can tell. Disable it and if you figure out what it's supposed to do, please do let us know!!! We've never had anyone come back and say they missed it.
Cool - life becomes easier - i'm going through my pics and deleting hundreds -
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