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Delete LR4?


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Apr 3, 2018
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6.x / CC 2015.x
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Windows 10
My old computer died, and I have installed LR6 on the new machine. I had to install LR4 first, as v6 was an upgrade. LR6 is working, but I still have LR4 on the hard drive. Is it safe to uninstall it? My fear is deleting some critical file(s) and having to reinstall v6.


Dec 28, 2015
New York City
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You can just trash it.
This was a great question. If its alright to piggyback with a similar issue....In the process of trying to make room on my bloated Mac hard drive, and without even dealing with Lightroom yet, I see that I have several Catalogs of similar size.
*Jerry's Lightroom Catalog-3-2.Ircat using 504.1 MB
* Jerry's Lightroom Catalog-3-3Ircat using 481.8MB
*Jerry's Lighrtoom Catalog-3.Ircat using 427.8MB
*Jerry's Lightroom Catalog-3.Ircat using 415.8 MB
Yes, the last two are apparently the same except for the size.
What would be the best way to consolidate, checking for duplicate photos ,if there are any, and combine them all in to yet another recently created Catalog and hopefully making life simpler?
Jan 6, 2018
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Classic 7
When you upgrade LR, the new LR version converts the current catalog. It does that by creating a new file with the same name and adding "-n" at the end.
For exemple, if your catalog is named "My Catalog.lrcat", after upgrading LR, you have 2 files : this old catalog, and the converted catalog named "My Catalgog-2.lrcat". Once you're sure to not revert back to the previous LR version, you can delete the old catalog.
Based on that, I don't think you need to merge the catalogs you see. I suspect that "* Jerry's Lightroom Catalog-3-3Ircat " is the most recent and current one. Double check by looking at the modification date.
To be sure, rename (or move to an other folder) all the other catalogs, then run LR. If it opens the catalog ok (whithout doing any conversion), verify you have all your photos. If it's ok, you can then remove all the other catalog files since they are useless.