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Jun 12, 2018
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macOS 10.13 High Sierra
Hi All
I've just joined after reading some excellent advice in the forums and wondered if I could ask for osme help?
I've been using Lightroom for years as a photographed since v2 and use the latest classic version for my images however I also use it for another business as an archive tool. I use the keyword area to track locations of items in the archive and add information about the items but I would like to customise and seperate the information rather than have alot of keywords in the same area. Over time it has become very confusing. I had used seperate fields fo photography like Title, Copy Name etc and I use Caption to record paragraphs of information but I would really like to use those fields and change their master field names to describe how I am using the fields instead of re-mapping them in my head. Is this possible?
I still use v5 for this as we have a few catalogues on a few machines and I don't want to upgrade them all... yet
Any advice much appreciated!