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Custom Lightroom Book module template question

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Jan 30, 2010
Lightroom Version Number
LR 11
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
If I customize a LR book template and then save it, can I get it to remember settings like turn on photo text and align bottom offset 2 and use title metadata? Or do I have to set that for each photo?
Yes, you can, but the method is not intuitive! The steps required are-
1) Design a PAGE with all the cells and Photo Text defined from metadata.
2) Save the PAGE as a Custom Page Template. (Right-Click on the page)
3) In the AUTOLAYOUT panel- [Edit] a new auto-layout template (From the Preset Drop-down menu)
4) Use your Custom Page template for the auto layout. (Left + Right, or your choice of Pages templates)
5) Save the Auto Layout Preset. (Give it a descriptive name!)
When you start a new book, choose the Auto Layout Preset.

So I just designed a PAGE of six cells- each cell Photo Text can be specific (Filename, Date, etc)
Then I Saved an auto-layout preset using the six-cell custom page.
Biggest problem is identifying a Custom Page template as they cannot be named and if you create several that look the same it becomes difficult to choose the 'best', although the 'latest created' seems to appear at the base of the Custom page preview.
2021-11-12 08_28_48-Window.jpg

Result of my new Auto-Layout Preset- and Text below two images on the page-
2021-11-12 08_29_20-Window.jpg
2021-11-12 08_29_44-Window.jpg
Do you have to use auto layout with the same 1 or 2 custom templates? If you have 6 custom template and always want to have title text under the photo, can you not choose the custom template for a page and have it do the text automatically?
'Auto-Layout' is "all or nothing" ie. it creates the book with all pages using the page style/s you have defined in the auto-layout Preset. You can create many Auto-Layout PRESETS!
BUT- After using an Auto-Layout Preset- That does not stop you changing individual pages to any page template you might want, including other Custom Page templates.
Also, note, you can select multiple pages (Hold down [Ctrl] key) and change the page template of all selected pages.
eg. Changing four pages with a different page template-
2021-11-13 08_53_12-Lightroom Catalog-v11 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Book.jpg

2021-11-13 08_54_09-Lightroom Catalog-v11 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Book.jpg

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