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Cropped printout despite correct settings (Canon CP-900)


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Jun 10, 2013
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I'm experiencing cropped results on paper despite my settings being (as far as I can tell) correct and I'm having trouble figuring out where the source of the problem lies.

I've been using a Canon Selphy CP-910 printer attached to the USB port of my Mac (OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks). In Lightroom (5.7.1) I first (in the "Print" module) selected the correct printer (CP-910) and paper size ("P borderless 4x6in 100x148mm") in "Page setup" (big bottom on bottom left hand side of window).
Following this I created a single image page layout (right hand side column) with "zoom to fill" and "rotate to fit" enabled and of course the same dimensions as the paper size as in "Page setup".

I've also tried the "Print to: JPG" option in the "Print job" section which doesn't look cropped, so why are the paper prints cropped when I've used the correct printer driver, chosen the correct paper size and entered the correct size in my layout?
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Jul 2, 2015
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When you use 'zoom to fill' and the aspect ratio of your image is different from the aspect ratio of the paper, you will get a cropped printout.


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Jun 10, 2013
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I guess that makes sense though in that case I should also see the same result when I print to a JPG file.

I just tried printing again, this time with "zoom to fill" switched off, but the printout was still got cropped (both sides and top/bottom were cut off) just as before. The JPG looks the same as what I see in LR itself though.
I've checked all settings but it all seems OK:

"Develop" module:
- crop: 10x14.8

"Print" module:
- layout style: single image/contact sheet
- image settings:
[ ] zoom to fill
[x] rotate to fit
[ ] repeat one photo per page
[ ] stroke border
- layout:
Left: 0mm
Right: 0mm
Top: 0mm
Bottom: 0mm
Page grid:
rows: 1
columns: 1
cell size:​
height: 100mm
width: 148mm
[x] show guides
[x] rulers
[x] page bleed
[x] margins and gutters
[x] image cells
[x] dimensions

-Print job:
Print to: printer
[ ] draft mode printing
[x] print resolution: [240 ppi]
[x] print sharpening: [standard]
Media type: [glossy]
[ ] 16 bit output
-color management:​
profile: [managed by printer]
[ ] printer adjustment

And for the printer setup itself in LR:

"Page setup":
Settings: page attributes
Format for: [Canon CP910]
Paper size: P borderless 4x6in 100x148mm
orientation: (sideways, 2nd icon from left)
scale: 100%

"Print settings":
Printer: Canon CP910
Presets: default settings
Copies: 1
pages: [x] all
pages per sheet: [1]
border: [none]
[ ] reverse page orientation
[ ] flip horizontally​
Color matching:
[x] vendor matching
Paper handling:
[x] collate pages
pages to print: [all pages]
page order: [automatic]
[ ] scale to fit paper size​
cover page:
print cover page:​
[x] none

I have noticed that in the "Print" module, alongside the photo, because I have "Guides" enabled I get the following dimension information: 147.976 x 99.99mm. Obviously it shouldn't make any noticeable difference such as the ones I've experienced, but I still find it a little strange that it doesn't say 148x100mm as that's what I cropped the photo to in the first place.
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