Continuous spinning wheel When Opening Adobe Cloud app

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Dec 3, 2019
Hi every one, My name is Ian and I have run into the following problem as described below, any advice or better still a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Back to LR again! On launching the Adobe creative cloud App it was incredibly slow to launch, indeed on a couple of occasions it didn’t launch at all. When this happened I received a message (actually telling me it was taking longer than normal to Launch) and thankfully it contained a “Help Link” which guides you through the process to rectify the problem. The process I followed via the help link didn't work!

I followed the process to the letter which included deleting all files in the OOBE folder, but not the folder itself (as this will be needed to rebuild the files again as LR reboots). When LR relaunched it informed me it was updating the catalog, and four operations were in progress. 1x Creating Smart previews 1x Creating 1-1 images 1x Syncing with LR 1x Face detection. The process was taking for ever, so I paused the 1x Face detection, 1 x syncing with LR as I can do this at a later date.

However my biggest horror was that I now have 15,394 images in my catalog, 1,577 All synced images, All sync errors 108, Quick collection + 204. Previous imports 6,502. Folders missing from Folder “F” 1,284.

Am I correct in thinking that Adobe has either,
A. Imported all images from previous catalogs into this one new one. Or,
B. Adobe has rebuilt my catalog based on my hard disc and connected External hard drives (3)

I am assuming it is B as I have several duplicated images in different folders depending on the sizes and formats I have saved them too for future use, ie, printing, for web or emails etc. I openly admit that I have not got the best organised library on the planet, and unless you know otherwise, it looks like I have have the opportunity to sort it out. I would really like some guidance on the best way to approach the issue.
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There are two Lightroom Apps. One that interacts with the Adobe Lightroom Cloud and stores images there, The other takes a more traditional approach as stores images locally. Which one are you using? The First is called simply "Lightroom: and the second is called. Lightroom Classic.
Without information about your hardware and Operations system it is not possible to evaluate your problem (This is why the information is requested when you begin a post)

On the Help menu item there is a submenu choice called {System Info...}. Please copy and paste the contents of that dialog window into your reply
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