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Confusion with destination

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viv ash

Apr 5, 2017
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  1. Windows 10
Hi .......I imported a file that was on the C Drive to a destination folder called LIGHTROOM (LR001)
But the Catalog view (LR002) does not shows it in a folder called LIGHTROOM - it shows it in a folder called: 2017 - subfolder 2017-05-17
Is there a way for Lightroom to use the same folder name as in the destination view, ie LIGHTROOM or do you have to rename the folder 'manually' once it has been imported
Hope this makes ...sense


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If you look near the top of the destination panel, you'll see you have selected to organize by date. That is why you're seeing it in a subfolder named 2017-05-17 inside a folder named 2017.
Also, it appears that the parent folder of 'LIGHTROOM' is not shown. If you right click on the 2017, you can select 'Show Parent' and that should show you the LIGHTROOM folder you're expecting to see.
Dave ... Perfect ... Thanks for the tip ....any idea why the dates are 2017 ...is there like a system date that I need to change ... would have thought it would come up with the date the files were imported?
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