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Confused about LR CC and LR on ios


Jul 3, 2015
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
  2. iOS
I have used LR Classic for some years. Earlier this year I turned on LR on my iPad. Sometime previous to that I had apparently tried and deleted LR CC on my Mac.

So now it’s not clear what the 12K photos on my iPad Pro LR are. Are they part of LR CC? Or are they connect to my 25,000 photos in LR Classic?

I keep Classic for the printing capabilities and to ensure that I have a full set of all photos on my Mac and all local backups and online backups. If LR CC had all functions of Classic I would likely switch, but I find that the “geometry” section of CC is somewhat weak in comparison to the Classic version. And who knows about printing from CC?

Could you describe the relationships between the 3 products Classic, CC, and IOS? Any other advice or opinion also most welcome.

Oct 8, 2007
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Adobe would describe the various weaker mobile and LRCC as the Lightroom ecosystem and photos/edits in it are totally in common. The Lightroom world is bigger than one ecosystem, and that's where Classic comes in. It interacts with the ecosystem by syncing smart preview edits back and forth, and by downloading any originals it finds in the cloud, then syncing their edits back and forth.

Assuming you only have one Adobe account and are logged in with it, the 12000 will be anything you imported with LRCC, or with mobile apps which could include photos taken on phones or the tablet. But the 12000 could also include smart previews synced from Lightroom Classic, which don't really matter,

Take a good look at specific examples from the 12000. Assuming you only have one Adobe account and are logged in with it, any originals in LRCC should have synced down into Lightroom Classic. Assuming that is so, you could go for a fresh start by using the Delete All Mobile Data button in Preferences. But check carefully first.

There is something called the Lightroom Downloader, a "lifeboat" utility which downloads everything from the cloud. So you could let this run, then delate and get your fresh start.


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Jun 24, 2019
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In Lightroom Classic, there's a collection called 'All Synced Photographs', anything in there will appear on your iPad when you are logged in to your account. Only one catalog can sync to LR Mobile on your tablet and phone though, just something to bear in mind.