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Collection - is it possible to download a collection from a link

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Jan 4, 2023
New Zealand
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  1. macOS 13 Ventura
I have lost a collection from my catalogue in the process of creating a new Master catalogue. However, I had emailed the link to the collection to a client and the collection and it is still available online. The client has made comments and selected the photos they want.

I have the original photos in a folder in the new "Master" catalogue, but it would be helpful to still have access to the collection from the "Master " catalog too.

Is there anyway of downloaded a collection from the cloud using the link I have?
No answers yet? So I will have a 'stab' at a reply with my thoughts-
TBMK if you 'Sync' a new catalog, it will download (original full-size) files from the Cloud into a Folder structure you specify in Preferences>Lightroom Sync.
Now IF you only have Proxy (Smart Preview) photos that were synced 'up' from the previous Catalog, then they may just re-link with the Original files that remain on the Hard-drive, and Lr Albums would re-create LrC Collections.
I guess you can only try by turning on the 'Sync' in the new Catalog and see what eventuates.

To be clear- you photos are never "in a catalog"- The LrC Catalog only references the photo files in their location on a hard-drive. So you MUST have the original files stored locally.

Another thought- It is possible to recover a specific 'Collection' to the LrC Catalog (IF the photo files still exist!) by a partial restore from a backup (or 'old') catalog.
RESTORE PARTIAL from backup catalog?

Would like to see replies from other users that are more familiar with Lr (Cloud) than I.
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