Chrome color rendering when in dual monitor


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Feb 12, 2020
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Hi, I just bought a BenQ sw270c and I have some questions.

It is connected to a laptop that has a 100% sRGB and 80% aRGB screen. The laptop has an integrated video card and a discrete Nvidia.

The BenQ is hw calibrated with Palette Master and Spyder X, while the laptop monitor is sw calibrated with the Datacolor program and the same Spyder X. In both cases, the profile files have been loaded aldo in the operating system.

Question: is it not pleonastic for BenQ to load the profile into the operating system? Being hw calibrated, what's the point?

With Lightroom I have no problem: I use it in dual monitor by putting the loupe view on the BenQ, which I use for the final result. Honestly I have to say that in Lightroom there isn't much difference between what I see on the laptop and what I see on the BenQ: the colors on the laptop are a little duller but not that much.

Obviously everything related to Windows 10 (icons, previews, Office), not being Windows color managed, on the BenQ have very saturated colors.

The problem is with Chrome, when I display any image on the laptop monitor: if I set the monitors in extended mode, on both the BenQ and the laptop in Chrome I see two very similar and correct images, if set monitirs in duplicated mode indtead in Chrome the colors become muted, while on the BenQ they are correct. The same happens if in extend mode I unplug the BenQ.

Below a video: it starts in extend mode, then I switch to duplicate and then go back to extend:

I'm going crazy... Look at the pic below:

In extended mode there is no big difference between laptop and BenQ, perhaps the BenQ is a little more saturated; while Chrome is still more saturated than Lightroom. But in duplicated mode it's all a mess. On the laptop Chrome totally changes, Lightroom also changes but less, even if the girl's skin tone is bad. On the BenQ Lightroom goes crazy while Chrome is the same as when it is in extended mode.

I want to be clear, the problem is not the different color rendering between Lightroom and Chrome, but the change in color rendering (both in Lightroom and Chrome) when I switch from extended to duplicated mode, and why only Chrome changes in duplicated on the laptop (it becomes less saturated ) and on the BenQ only Lightroom changes (becomes more saturated)?

To make it even simpler: if the laptop is connected to the BenQ in extended mode, Chrome looks good on the laptop, if I unplug the BenQ it looks less saturated ...

Dunno ...