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Jul 23, 2010
Gent, Belgium
Hi everybody, I’ve got two questions regarding Lightroom to Photoshop interactivity. I’m working on LR 3.4, PSCS5 and ACR 6.4, Mac.

1) I always used to tell people when they send a raw photo from Lightroom over to Photoshop, to use Save rather than Save as when they’re done editing in PS because if they saved under a different name in Photoshop with the Save As command, Lightroom would not find their picture and they’d have to synchronize the folder, whereas if they used the save command the photo would automatically appear in the Lightroom folder.
I was trying to make that point during a demo today, expressly saving the file under a different filename (albeit in the same folder) in Lightroom and much to my surprise, the file showed up in the LR catalog.

Q: This is a good thing obviously, but does anyone know in which version of LR this changed?

2) When you have a TIFF (or any non-raw file) in LR, and you do edits to that in LR, say a square crop, and choose to send that file over to PS? you have the option of editing a copy with LR adjustments, editing a copy or editing the original file.
When you choose ’edit original’, the original file will show up in PS, without any LR edits, but these used to be applied back to your TIFF once you were done editing and had saved the file in PS.

Q: I tried this out today and found that my LR edits were not reapplied automatically. They were in the history, but I had to manually click that history step to apply them again. Would this be intended behaviour or a bug? Anyone else noticed this?


Hmmmmm, I saw your post elsewhere, but haven't had chance to reply yet.

1. It definitely worked the same way at 3.0, so it must have been before that. I can't remember back further, but if you can't find out, I'll pull up some old 2.x builds and try those.

2. That sounds like a bug, but I haven't noticed it myself. I'm on the wrong computer to test it at the moment though!
@ Victoria: thanks. Makes life easier. Goes to show that if you stick to routine behavior, you can miss out on new developments. Will probably have been in the 2.x to 3.0 switch, because I definitely remember it doing that before LR3. Luckily they didn't ask in the ACE exam :)
As for the second Q: if others have the same problem, I can file a bug report.
Well I'll be.....

1. On both 3.4 and 2.6 choosing 'Save as' and changing file name also returns the Tif file to the LR catalog. However, changing file type (e.g. from Tif to Jpg) does not. So has it always been that way??

2. Can confirm this behaviour under 3.4, but pretty sure this is a 3.4 bug, as I'm 99% certain that LR edits were reapplied (especially crops) when an 'Edit Original' Tif was returned to LR from PS when using 3.3.

Edit: Re 1, the renamed Tif is also returned even if you save into a different folder (though in this case stacking obviously does not happen).
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2. Seems to be a bug. None of my scanned tiffs retain any LR develop edits when 'edit original" PS when they should...according to LR preferences "Include develop settings in metadata inside jpeg, tiffs and psd"
Hang on, say that again Brad? If you're editing original and then viewing the photo again in LR, it shouldn't have anything to do with that xmp setting that you mentioned. If you look at the history of the photo, are all the settings still there ok? And if you look at the sliders, are they set at the right values - i.e. is the preview just not being updated or are settings disappearing?
2. Seems to be a bug. None of my scanned tiffs retain any LR develop edits when 'edit original" PS when they should...according to LR preferences "Include develop settings in metadata inside jpeg, tiffs and psd"

I am an idiot and it was late!

Let me clarify

Edit in with LR adjstments honors the adjstement as said behavior (no issues)

Edit in original brings the file back from PS and the LR edits are not reapplying. They are present in the history and when one clicks on the last history step, the LR asjustments are then applied. Preview problem.

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