change version of Photoshop to open with?

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Aug 22, 2009
Loire Valley, France
I've been trying out CS5 for the last 3' days - will definitely be upgrading soon, but for now, need to go back to CS4. I can't figure out how to make Lightroom open up in CS4 again. I've looked at catalog and preference settings, I tried to see if I could change the photo / edit in.

What can I do? Thanks for your help.
You will need to uninstall CS5 Then you need to reinstall CS4. LR should then pick it up as the Default PS for Edit-In. If you are going to be upgrading soon, I would recommend to do nothing and leave CS5 as the primary Default Editi-In App. I would then add CS4 as one of your additional External Editors and choose it as the second default. It can then be accessed via the Mac Equivalent of {Cntl}{Alt}{E}
I was afraid that was the solution - uninstall. Looks like I'll be upgrading sooner, which is not bad, I really love the new features. (Isn't the quick select tool and better refine edge awesome!?)

Thanks for the temporary workaround short cut.
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