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Jun 26, 2017
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Evening all,

All help much appreciated as I'm a real newbie muppet! Operating Lr cc with a subscription.

I just bought a windows laptop purely for Lightroom/photography. Before this I used a mac at home for this job. I ended up with 2 catalogues when I really only wanted one.

I copied the 'mac' catalogue to the windows laptop and have merged the 2 catalogues, so no problems there.
The 2 catalogues are in different folders on the laptop.

My question is....can I now delete the old catalogue from the laptop now it has been merged into the new one, or does Lightroom still reference to it?

Apologies if this seems a bit dull of me, but they say there's no such thing as a stupid question if you really don't know!

Thanks all. Much appreciated. :)

Welcome to the forum A "catalog" consists of two parts: a Catalog file and the image files that have been imported. To merge catalogs means to combine the contents of the master catalog with the source catalog file. The results is that all information in the source catalog has been added to the master catalog. This includes the reference paths to the image files. At this point, the source catalog is superfluous and no longer needed. However rather than delete it, I recommend that you move it to the LR catalog backup folder "just in case".
Cletus, thank you. I have done exactly that, and all appears well. Very grateful for your help and quick response.

All the best

Hi Dan

Yes they were. Totally separate. I copied both the images and the catalogue over before merging. The old catalogue is still sitting on the mac at home with it's images too, but I'll not be using the mac from now on.

Thank you

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