Cant reorder images in a slideshow collection

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Richard Flack

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Mar 21, 2016
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Ive started a slideshow (made a collection, clicked save slideshow which created a nested collection that seems to be a dup of its parent; no idea why it would want to do that).

When I select that lower (lowest) level collection, should I not be able to reorder the images by dragging on the film strip?

Ive googled this as best as I can, and have seen all the comments about not being able to order folders with sub-folders, certain smart collections (imported etc) none of which apply, as far as I can tell.

I don't get any error message, I simply cant drag any of these images.

I do have sync to mobile on in general - not sure if thats relevant - but in fact this collection didn't have sync turned on anyway.
Set the sort order to Custom. That will let you change it by dragging images.
Ok this is embarrassing / mystifying.
Simply quitting and re-entering LR seemed to solve the problem. I guess as a one-off its hard to diagnose, but any idea what might have happened? Does LS get 'tired'?
(Library has about 8800 images which I assume is not large).
Yes, 8800 is tiny. And tired... well, it shouldn't, but it has been known to do odd things, like most computer programs!

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