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Can't Export Video Slideshow or how to export JPGs using Slideshow Template

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Jul 18, 2020
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  1. Windows 10
I've added keywords to my JPGs and I've modified the slideshow EXIF Metadata template to include Title and Keywords. I'm using a sample collection of six JPGs, all landscape. I can export the slideshow as a PDF but my goal is to include the JPGs with the Title and Keywords displayed to use in another application I use to make videos.

The Slideshow Video Export hangs. I've used 1080p and 720p. I've tried to export to my NAS (2tb available) and to my internal SSD (250gb available). I've read a number of posts about the failure of video exports related to portrait images but my sample does not include any (future slideshow will).

The easiest workaround seem to be to export to PDF and purchase a converter that will output each PDF page as a JPG file (I'm not sure how good this will work). I don't want to use an online converter.

An even better alternative would be to export the JPGs in a collection using my modified slideshow template that includes the title in the top border (added before date/time) and the keywords in the lower border (replaces creator, state, city). Is this possible? Is it possible to create/modify an export preset that would put this information in the border of the exported JPGs?
Is it possible to create/modify an export preset that would put this information in the border of the exported JPGs?
1) Output as JPG? Easy!- Hold down the [ALT] key and the [Export PDF] button changes to [Export JPG].
2) Titles and Info? Below the image on the 'Tool Bar' you will see ABC. Each time you click the mouse on ABC you can insert a data 'Text box' on the screen. When you have a Text box on screen selected, you can Move it, Resize it, and Click on the Drop-down Menu after 'Custom Text:' to create any combination of Metadata in the Text Template Editor.
2021-06-29 06_26_29-Window.jpg

2021-06-29 06_27_05-Window.jpg

2021-06-29 06_24_48-Window.jpg

2021-06-29 06_33_44-Window.jpg
The JPEG solution is amazing! Wow! Thanks!

I finally found the ABC. I've searched for it a lot and just discovered I didn't have Toolbars checked on the View menu.

Thanks again! So thankful for your help and this forum.
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