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May 23, 2011
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I've been reordering photos without a problem until now, when this message; that I've never seen before, started to pop up.


The issue appears to have something to do with "the source", but what is "the source". I thought it was the location of the images, on C:, but I'm in the folder where these images are stored.

Once this message appears, and I close it, I can no longer select a photo to drag to a new location.

I have all filter off and I'm in Library Mode, and in "Custom Order".

I shut Lr down and reopened it and the pop up hasn't, yet, returned when I tried to reorder my images
After I posted this I got this message again and couldn't continue until I shut Lr down and reopened it.

But now I know why it's happening. I've been having trouble, of late, with my external drive; where the catalog is stored, going unrecognized. When that happens I get this error when I shut Lr down.

Backup error.jpg

I've learned, when that happens, to check my ext drive because, for some reason, it loosed touch with the computer and the system stops seeing it. If I switch the USB port Off and On it come back up again and this error stops.

This is also the cause of the "source" error; the "source" was gone missing. When I shut Lr down and switched the USB port Off and On, the drive came back on line and the "source" returned and I no longer got that "source" error. Until the drive dropped out again!
Might be the cable, or the HD could be going bad..

But a more likely reason that I'm thinking is that, judging by you saying you switched off the USB port, you have a multi-port USB hub. I've encountered similar issues with those - where the device will work if plugged into the computer itself, but has issues like you describe when on the USB hub. (Not happening with my LR catalog&raws though - those are on an internal SSD/HD.)

I'm thinking it's related to how much power those things are getting supplied with.. My next thing to try is to add yet another mains-powered USB hub to the chain and see how that goes when reducing the number of things connected to each.
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It's a SSD and only a few months old and I didn't have this problem with the Asus, just on this new machine.

It hasn't happened since I posted this but I am moving it to a port om my machine, that should address the power issue.
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