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Can this be achieved?

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Jay Clulow

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Apr 27, 2016
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Can this be done or does a script/plugin exist to achieve this?

Take a single image and have a selection of presets applied to it to review and choose the best. So you'd be either looking at a compare view between multiple styles or a quick export showing each one.

I know you can preview each one by hovering over each preset but I want to approach this in a contact sheet manor.
You can create virtual copies and apply a preset to each VC. So, you will have different images from the same original and you will be able to compare them side by side.
This is a manual process, I don't know if a script doing this does exist.
There is no user available scripting language to create and apply presents to VCs of an image. Manually would be quickest.

Some of our local developers are fairly adept using the scripting language and could probably script this operation.

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I wonder wether this plugin is running under the newest version of Lightroom. Would you be so kind to report in the forum the succes or the failure.
Thanks Jonathan
Just tested ~ Working for me ~ Windows 10 / Lightroom Classic / 10.3 release / Camera Raw 13.3 ~ Lightroom is upto date ~ no Updates indicated in Creative Cloud : Hope this helps.
Yes it still works in Classic 10.3
I like to use this Plugin for workshop demonstrations as it can so quickly demonstrate (in Grid view) many Preset results for an image.
And you can just as quickly -select the Virtual Copies and 'Remove' them from the library.
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