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Book Module Spine Background Color

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Jan 30, 2010
Lightroom Version Number
Lightroom Classic 11.0
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I've created a cover for my book and have picked a color from the photo to be the background color on the spine of the book. Photoshop says the color is # 66387a or RGB 102 56 122. When I type those numbers into the spine background in hex or RGB I get a different shade. Any thoughts on how to fix this. Thanks.
Remember thar RGB values are relative to a color profile. What is the color profile you are using in Photoshop (SRGB ? RGB 98 ? Prophoto ?). LR is using a color profile close to Prophoto. So, if these values are not relative to Prohoto, you must convert them.
Edit/Color Settings/Working Spaces/sRGB
So do I convert with Edit/Convert to Profile/Destination Profile/ProPhoto?

After doing that the colors seem unchanged and if I plug the #66397a into LR background the color is darker than the photos.
It's not the working space you need to change. It's the color profile of the image :
Edit/Convert in profile
In the dialog box, field "Space of detination", select "Prophoto RGB"
Thanks. I found the easiest solution was to click and drag the color picker from the background color dialog and pick the color in the photo you want to match. Didn't realize you have to not release the mouse button till over the part of the photo you want the color from.
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