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Aug 18, 2019
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I'm trying to decide between the various book module format choices, and I'm trying to understand the resolution choices associated with the different formats.

i) Blurb formats will flash a "!" flag to indicate a lower-than-200 ppi value for a page, which is very useful. If I go that route, I can go to Photoshop and re-sample the chosen zoomed or non-zoomed size I need, or

ii) If I go JPEG or Acrobat, there's no flag, of course, but I can preset a chosen resolution, e.g. 300 ppi, in the RH panel to be applied to all the pages in the book.

But is option ii) as easy as it sounds? Does it do the re-sampling that Blurb implies is necessary in order to get a decent print resolution? Somehow, I doubt it - I think there's a wrong assumption or misunderstanding at work here, or maybe more than one, aka, I don't get it ;-(

Can anyone straighten me out on this? Thanks for your help...

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Hi Howard, welcome to the forum!

Whichever way you go, you're creating brand new "guesswork" pixels, so there isn't really a great advantage either way. How small are the photos you're starting with? Or are they heavily cropped?
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