Book module: font problem

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Aug 12, 2011
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
I am an avid user of the book module, having produced a large number of books (70 at last count). I am reasonably pleased with the module, especially now that I have managed to solve one of my greatest frustrations, namely how to make a custom sort of all images in a folder carry over into a collection (rename all images adding a sort number at the beginning of the file name, and use that to sort the collection: Image # (00001) Filename).

What I have not managed to solve is a problem associated with Text Style Presets. I have several presets defined, to be used as photo text or page text or cover text.However, when I add an image to a page with Photo text Caption activated LR seems to more or less randomly pick different presets. I tried saving the right Photo Caption preset with the page but this has solved nothing. Even when I duplicate an existing page which uses the Photo Text Caption preset it seems to be a matter of luck whether the new page will use this preset or another recently used one. Is there any way in which I can force LR to use a particular preset?
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