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Book Module annoyance

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Jun 5, 2012
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Sometimes the Book Module of Lightroom behaves more than annoying.
The layout of my books (I have created more than 50 with Lightroom)
has the page numbering start with 4 on the page with the first photo.
This time I wasn't able to do what I wanted, the page with the first photo was numbered 1 and coldn't be changed.
I found no other way as to adjust my table of contents accordingly.

It's time for Blurb and Adobe to get together again and revise the Book Module.


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Is "the page with the first photo" actually the fourth page in the book? ie. there are three preceding pages (maybe with text only.)
I can find only two ways to modify page numbering.
1) Select the 'Start Page' that will be numbered '1'. (That could be any page in the book)
2) Select the very first page to be numbered '1' and then hide the numbers 1,2,3 so that your "page with the first photo" actually shows Page '4'.
I think I understood your question!
Thank you Rob,
method 2) is exactly what i always do. But it didn't work this time, i arrived at a state where the number 1 on the fist photo page was sticky. And from there nothing works: starting anew with numbering, restarting LR. I had even a state where the very first page starts with 1 and the first Photo hat also the one.
There are many more glitches and i have to check the book over and over before it is ready for printing. Most problems are the Photo Texts which will not stay in their position "under" the landscape-format photos. Once i got a book printed from blurb with a total disorder of the page numbers.
I also would appreciate not to be bounded to Blurb, their books are certainly of high quality but also rather expensive, even if you have a 40% discount.
A long shot, but if you right-click on where the page number should be on the first page, does it let you select Start Page Number?
Thanks Victoria, You are totally right. Its realy straightforward as you said. I have about 50 Books printed by Blurb, all with number 4 starting the page numbering on the first Photo page, but this time i stand on the hose (german for to draw a blank).
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