Basic develop presets

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Other than my keyword issue, I am really liking what I see in LR2, and since I can never leave any picture untouched, I am liking the whole RAW concept. LR answered the old question I had about having to edit each one with the develop process.

My question is what is the best way to come up with a basic develop preset to be able to go from a flat RAW to something you would show others.

Do I just take an "average" picture in my collection, tweak to my liking and save those settings are there some none basic settings everyone starts from. My fear is that sometimes enough is never enough for me and i sometimes pass subtle and go straight to extreme. :lol:

Also, which areas should you put into the "basic" settings, such as contast, vibrance, etc.
Snowdust, Okay, to get you started, here's the default I apply when I don't have anything else in mind:

AutoBrightness = false,
AutoContrast = false,
AutoExposure = false,
AutoShadows = false,
Brightness = 5',
Clarity = 5',
ColorNoiseReduction = 25,
LuminanceNoiseReduction = 25
Contrast = 5,
Exposure = -'.25 to '.25,
FillLight = 25,
HighlightRecovery = 42,
Saturation = ',
Shadows = 8,
SharpenDetail = 2',
SharpenEdgeMasking = 7',
SharpenRadius = 1.2,
Sharpness = 35,
ToneCurveName = "Medium Contrast",
ToneCurveLights: +2'
ToneCurveShadows: -1'
Vibrance = 25,

(Note these are more or less alphabetical instead of Panel order.)

Then try to use just Blacks, Exposure and the tone curve to tweak the tone.
This usually gets me to a reasonable starting place quickly. But when it's wrong, it's usually way wrong. I guess all of this will depend on your camera and the default camera profile you're using.

Give it a shot as a starting place, and tweak to your heart's content. Remember, it's non-destructive. :)

And I'll be happy to hear feedback on my suggestions as well.
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