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Basic adjustments but fast

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Jun 27, 2014
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Hi all,
any tips on how to do very fast basic adjustments on pictures? I click the buttons with a mouse in Quick develop modules but I feel some shortcuts will be way too faster.
Any tips?
A couple of tips-
1) The (AUTO) button - Makes the best of your photo using AI.
2) Edit one photo - move to another - Click [PREVIOUS]
3) Edit one photo - Select others and [Copy & Paste] the edits.
4) Edit one photo - Save a Develop Preset - Apply Preset to multiple photos.
5) Set up Default Camera Presets in Preferences- Your photos are imported just as you like them.

Thanks. I have learned something new.
1. Where is the auto button?
3. How the copy paste works? Just hitting the control+c and then control+v? That easy?

I am travelling but I will check
1. In the Basic panel.
2022-06-20 08_26_06-Clipboard.jpg

3.Yes. Or use the buttons-
2022-06-20 08_26_58-Clipboard.jpg

And on my point 5)-
Edit one of your own photos to your perfection- then save a Develop Preset.
eg. I have a Preset specific for my D750 that sets Profile and edits at the time of Importing files.
2022-06-20 08_30_20-Preferences.jpg
Ctrl-U will also invoke Auto. It works from the Library Module as well as the Develop Module. (That's Cmd-U on a Mac.)
Like others, I do set an Import Preset so that images already come in with my preferred defaults, including sharpening and noise reduction, for different ISO speeds.

Some of these have been mentioned but some of my favorite quick shortcuts are:
Auto Settings — Ctrl-U (Windows) or Command-U (Mac)
Auto White Balance – Shift-Ctrl-U (Windows) or Shift-Command-U (Mac) — because white balance is not changed by Auto Settings
Paste Settings from Previous (image) — Alt-Ctrl-V (Windows) or Option-Command-V (Mac)

If they all look good, great. If any do not look good, just undo and then adjust manually.

How the copy paste works? Just hitting the control+c and then control+v? That easy?
There are two kinds of copy paste, and they do not use those shortcuts:

The one we’ve already brought up is Paste Settings from Previous (Alt-Ctrl-V). In one shortcut, all settings from the previous image are pasted onto the current image.

But sometimes you don’t want to copy all settings from am image, just some of them. That’s when you use Copy Settings, Shift-Ctrl-C (Windows) or Shift-Command-C (Mac). You will be asked which settings to copy. Then select any number of other images and Paste Settings, Shift-Ctrl-V (Windows) or Shift-Command-V (Mac).

Sync Settings (Shift-Ctrl-S) is similar to Copy Settings, but first you select multiple images; the settings you choose from the current image are applied to all other selected images.

If you want to refer to these in the future, simply look in the Develop module under the Settings menu. Many of the shortcuts discussed here are listed there, next to their commands.
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