Backing Up to External Hard drive to create space on internal hard drive on Mac 11.2.3


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Jan 11, 2020
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1) Recently I tried to back up my images on a External Hard drive. Which I did 24,000 though finder which I copied over.
When I tried to connect them to my Lightroom library through the external hard drive I got into all sorts of trouble.
Cant find all of my images in my new library I created with external hard drive images. Some I got with Update folder location.
But the more I tried the bigger the mess with loosing images and folders all over the place.

2) The other problem I have is some of my images in the Pictures folder seem to be linked up wrongly (2018-01-13) and I cant see
them in my original library now either.

My original library that I have not touched which is linked to my internal hard drive has now only 12,000 images.

Where do I start to fix this


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There are two issues that need to be addressed.
1. You do not want to backup your images to an external drove to save space. You want to MOVE the original images to another drive to create space on the Primary drive.

When you do this, the path stored in the Lightroom Catalog will need to be updated. You can do this MOVE by dragging the existing folders to the new volume location in Lightroom Folder panel. If you attempt to move the image files using Finder, the catalog path won't change and the image location will need to be corrected manually in LrC.

2. This is the second issue that you have created. My suggestion is to put the image files back where LrC expects them and there will be no missing images and folders in the Folder panel. After you have no missing images you can begin again to move the master image files to the EHD using one of the two methods I described for Moving your image files.